Few easy tips to episode cheats online generator

There are several games played on the internet where players can earn bonuses in the form of real money. But, have you ever thought if there could be a game where players can choose their character? If not, then there is a game where you can choose your favorite character and decide what is going next in the game and in this episode you can choose story. It is an amazing game that is played all over the world not only by the young generation but elders too play this game. Well, talking about the bonuses, they are available in the forms of episode free passes that you can use within the game to move further easily.

The game consists of gems and passes that can be used by player anytime so that they can easily proceed faster in the game without any problem. But, the main problem is you need to spend your real money to get these gems and passes. Well, not to worry as you can get episode free gems, using online hack tool. So, let’s know how to use an online generator so as to get gems and passes for free without using real money.

Tips on how to get free gems in episode:
1. The first thing that you need to do is choose an online generator, where you can get gems and passes for free. Make sure you choose the one that safe and offer the best services.
2. After choosing the online episode hack tool, you need to enter the username using which you are playing this game.
3. Now, you can your device through which you are playing this game.
4. After this, you have to select the number of passes and gems you need to play the game.
After following these steps, you can now apply for the episode free gems so that you can easily proceed further in this game without spending your real money.